About Us


The Beginning

MaSs is a leading design boutique and production agency. Our brand name is inspired by the infinity symbol combined with the letter ‘M,’ representing constant movement. The pattern within is based on crystals and diamonds. Our color, cerise red, has been chosen as a link between the red associated with roots deriving from Lebanon and the maroon tied with our beloved country Qatar.

The Craft

We specialize in providing an extensive range of creative services to help create unforgettable brand experiences. We have a team of professionals who can handle private and corporate events. We provide design and production services for Concept Stores, Fashion Stages & Studios, Art Installations, Shop Windows, Shop in Shops, exhibition stands, activation zones, and product launches.



Valuable Clients

By combining a creative approach with innovation, we take pride in offering our services to clients belonging to various industries and business sectors, including professional agencies, government sectors, corporations, and individuals. MASS is dedicated to bringing brands to life. Providing creative solutions to ever-changing business needs is our responsibility as we create innovative experiences for different events.oved country Qatar.


Mass events are uniquely customized, reflecting the brand identity of our clients. Whether we work with the private or government sector, our work embraces experiences that integrate innovative design with the most exemplary attention to every detail. It includes branding, marketing, production management, vendor management, budgeting, and more to ensure perfection in turning visions into reality.




MaSs stands by the core values and standard protocols that help us achieve the level of excellence we have always aspired for:
  • Committing to Our Craft
  • Leading with Optimism
  • Professional Work Ethic
  • Standard Quality Services
  • Innovation
  • Integrity & Transparency

Goals and Objectives

MaSs is highly focused and passionate about the business goals and objectives that allow us to achieve superior and successful business results for our clients. Our fundamental goals involve:
  • Advanced and Increased Community Outreach
  • Investing in Creative and Innovative Solutions
  • Reliable, Professional, and Standardized Service Delivery
  • Superior Customer Service
  • Ramping Up Business Productivity
  • Constant Technological innovation and Up-gradation



Competitive Advantage

In every project, the company’s vision is communicated with a bold, innovative approach that retains a consistent touch of creativity and a clear picture that reflects the company’s identity.
The fact that we invest heavily in developing and strengthening the brand equity of our company makes us genuinely competitive in the market. It differentiates us from the rivalry for our valuable customers.
MaSs has gained and sustained its trustworthiness among its clients by providing premium quality, reliable and professional services. This has contributed to our immense success and innovation for the ultimate benefit of our customers.

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