Our Services

We offer a variety of services, from MEGA events to product displays. MASS Team is committed to continuously innovating the services provided to clients and keeping up with the market dynamics of the ever-changing world by constantly updating the services offered.

Concept Stores

Updating brands by putting together concept stores that enhance the shopper experience curated to appeal their target audience.

Stages & Studios

Managing fashion events in attention to all details from concept to set to backdrops, runway, lighting, and decoration.

Art Installations

Creating temporary or permanent, artwork installation in art galleries, malls, public squares and public outdoor areas.

Shop Window Designs

Creating innovative and eye-catching window displays for commercial shops and brands.

Shop in Shop

Shop in shops are of great demand in the retail sector. This marketing strategy helps to get exposure in malls, supermarkets, and public places. We provide display concept, design, and production.

Public Events

Managing public events through design, urban planning, marketing, event follow up and production.

Corporate Events

Bringing people together in glamourous settings and events that convey and reflect the client requirements and identity.

Exhibition Stands

Providing a complete vision for booths and exhibition stands From design to execution.

Ceremonies and Weddings

Setting up stages for ceremonies and weddings with attention to all details from event concept to designing backdrops, stage, furniture, lighting and entertainment.

Product Launches

Product launching should come to life innovatively to become a success. Our job is to help clients reach their target audience and promote their products and services in a smart approach.

Virtual Event Platforms

We offer 3D Visual Designs & Animations that make you event, conference or exhibition stand out & make your sponsors amazed.

Registration System

We offer a powerful and awesomely customizable platform for collecting registrations online for your event.

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